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A well-crafted B2B brand strategy conveys the value and benefit of an entity and carries that message throughout a variety of campaign materials. A logo for B2B companies is an icon that, in an instant, captures the essence of that brand message and conveys it to customers. It is a visual representation of your company or your organization, in other words, your logo is the cornerstone of a solid brand foundation


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With some of the industry’s most experienced B2B logo design and branding professionals, Stifel Marcin’s award-winning team has the expertise to build identities that create an impact in any application with our B2B logo design & branding services.

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Our B2B Logo Design Agency Approach

Before beginning a logo design, our team carefully reviews branding strategies. We identify colors and layouts that will create an impact, reproduce across a variety of media, and build upon any existing brand strengths. Our team of expert designers works every day with B2B logos, and knows how to interpret your industry and organization to create a design that conveys your company’s strengths.

For some companies, B2B logo design can be a neglected part of their branding, or simply a holdover from years past. It’s important to remember that the value you put into your logo will be recognized by your customers – and reflects on your brand as a whole. For most industrial and B2B companies, core brand positions include advanced technologies, modern capabilities and at all times, a completely professional and reliable image. Your logo design should reflect that identity in an instant. Invest in your brand, and so will your customers.

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Experts at Evolving B2B Logo Design & Branding Services

Often, clients are hesitant to change their company’s identity. We usually hear the “it’s been like this for a while. If it ain’t broke…” response. While sometimes an existing B2B logo design is just fine, there are times when the identity reflects old imagery and old brand positions, and no longer is accurate. Sometimes it is as simple as a logo that presents a dated image for a modern company.

While we love to create new B2B brand identities, our creative team members are experts at updating logos while remaining loyal to the tried and true identity that people recognize. Font updates, color changes, and subtle design additions – we utilize an array of techniques to improve your B2B logo design without ignoring the success that brought your company to where it is today.

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