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Stifel Marcin worked with Centritec Seals on an SEO strategy and ongoing SEO implementation to generate more leads through higher traffic and better rankings on search engines.

The Stifel Marcin team developed a site with technical SEO attributes in mind that also included extensive support materials, allowing engineers and designers to access comparative information, FAQs, technical explanations and more.

Centritec Seals has more than doubled their amount of leads in the last 6 months and continues to partner with us as their SEO agency.

As the centrifugal technology offered by Centritec Seals is unique, it was imperative to educate customers about this new product line, as well as drive new traffic to the site for related products that were solution competitors (not necessarily brand competitors).

Page Design for Lead Generation

All pages of the site were designed with key benefits highlighted for fast reading, as well as contact forms and calls-to-action, to help generate leads.

“Working with Stifel Marcin was like a breath of fresh air. They take the mission of their client to heart, and are relentless in their pursuit of a quality product that delivers.” – Laura

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